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How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

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How often should I replace my furnace filter?

All filters are different with different sizes and ratings. However the primary job of a filter is to keep dust and debris out of the furnace blower compartment. In other words to keep your furnace clean.

The standard one inch filter that you can buy at almost all stores should be replaced every 30 days. (Even though they say up to 90 days). All filters have a MERV rating, it lets us know the size of the smallest particles it will collect. The higher the MERV rating the smaller the particle it will capture. When a filter will collect the smaller particles, the material the filter is made out of is more dense, therefore collecting those smaller particles. Most people think that the more expensive one inch filters will last longer. That statement is false. The smaller the particle it collects, the faster it will fill up.

4 and 5 inch media air cleaners are also known as filters. They are designed to keep your furnaces blower compartment clean as well. And clean the air in your home. They should be replaced on average every six months. The difference between the the two is, the manufacturers of the air cleaners teamed up with the furnace companies to produce a product that will NOT put the furnace under stress while cleaning the air in your home.

Why Should I replace my filter often?

Lack of filtration

The lack of changing your filter regularly will make the furnace blower motor and all its operating parts work harder than it is designed to. When to much dust builds up on the filter/air cleaner the motor will be forced to slow down, which prevents the air from cooling off the furnace heat exchanger, blower motor and furnace safeties. This also reduces the amount of air that is being used to heat your home.

this will increase utility costs by 20%

All furnace parts are designed to withstand a certain temperature. If for any reason your furnace exceeds those temperatures it can breakdown. When it comes to your utility costs, the furnace is going to run longer in order to satisfy your thermostat, therefore driving your bills higher. So remember the MOST important part of the furnace that YOU can control is a clean filter. So let's prolong the life expectancy of your furnace and reduce utility bills by replacing your filters. For any questions feel free to contact us at www.completehomecomfortmonroemi.com or call (734)384-3910.

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