• James Knott

The importance of an Air Cleaner.

Your indoor air quality is 10 times worse than the outside air. There are 3 levels of particles in your home. Depending on your immune system will determine which if any will bother you.(allergies). The three levels are particles, bacterias and viruses, and VOC volatile organic compounds.

Particles can be caught by using a good filter/air cleaner in your furnace and air conditioning system. the higher the MERV rating the harder it is for your HVAC equipment to breathe. Be sure to check with your heating and cooling company to ensure what type of filter to buy and how often you should change it.

Bacterias and viruses, can be combated by UV lights and ionizers. these devises when installed properly can help destroy the ones already in your home. Unfortunately, if a virus is in your home it doesn't necessarily prevent you from getting sick. By putting a UV light above your air conditioning coil it will destroy the bacteria that is made when pulling the moisture out of your air. Ultraviolet lights can also help with odors and smells while cooking or from pets.

VOC's, volatile organic compounds, most people don't realize that all products in your home whether its paint, new furniture, carpet, cleaning supplies put off chemicals that get in their and can cause respiratory problems these are chemical agents such as formaldehyde. Any improvements that you do to your puts off these chemicals for up to 7 years.

The best way to fight these levels are to have your home evaluated by one of our professional technicians at Complete Home Comfort. You can contact us at 734-384-3910 or completehomecomfortmonroemi.com. Please watch the video about the healthy home system.

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