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Why Furnace Maintenance

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Did you know that dirt is the number 1 reason why your furnace needs repaired in the winter? In this picture we have the burner assembly pulled in order to clean the dust from the burner crossovers and clean the flame sensor. On every service call whether its a repair or just cleaned your flame sensor should be cleaned, it is the most common repair we get. In the lower compartment is the blower motor. Did you know that the blower motor is cooled off by the air coming from your house? That is correct, your fan blades(squirrel cage) pulls air through the duct system cool it off. that is one of the reasons why keeping your filter clean is so important. the dirtier the filter the hotter the motor. When a motor gets hot it shortens its life expectancy. When you have air gaps around your filter, dust will come in to the blower compartment and get caught on the end of the motor clogging its breathing holes making it get hotter than its suppose to. These are a few reasons why we believe that having your furnace serviced annually really helps prolong the life of the furnace and prevents furnace breakdowns. Have a trained professional at Complete Home Comfort maintain your heater today call (734)384-3910 or go to www.completehomecomfortmonroemi.com to book your appointment today.

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